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In today’s fast-paced and high efficient world, we have seen emerging trends of consumers shifting their food preferences towards ready-to-eat products due to the stress that comes with having a busy lifestyle. Consumers are now seeking products that take minimal time and effort to prepare while maintaining delicious flavors and quality. Driven by a passion for healthy seafood, we began to blend the best possible ingredients. Every details come together to make each serving a special experience for our customers. Our Passion Foods frozen meals provide the ideal solution to capture these growing demands.


We carry a wide selection of gourmet frozen seafood meals that is ready to eat in under 10 minutes. We have a Corporate Chef to customize flavors based on client’s demands. Our variations of distinctive cuisine offerings are sure to satisfy a range of taste preferences. Clients can expect a product that will last long on store shelves and eye catching designs that will help maximize potential sales. Our unique and innovative packaging are heat resistant and can be used safely in microwave ovens, providing the utmost convenience to for our customers.


All is based on Responsibly Sourced seafood. We have strong expertise in Private Brands for Retailers as well as in packing for Foodservice. It is unique in our approach to combine the art of crafting the flavor authentically with the highest standards of food safety possible.


Our Humble beginnings are tracked back to a respect family business importing and exporting products from Asia to Europe.

Today, Passion Foods is a collection of responsibly-sourced frozen seafood products and meals. All of our gourmets-quality products are ASC, BAP and BRC Certified. 100% responsibly-sourced without compromising quality. No preservatives, no GMO’s, all natural ingredients and strict hygiene and food safety protocol.


  • We are committed to offering superior quality seafood products without compromising the environment and the welfare of all workers.
  • A recognized seafood leader, Vietnam is where our heart is. We have offices in Indonesia, Mexico and Singapore. We source globally for reprocessing in Asia.
  • We only deal with seafood items with a Responsible Sourcing profile backed by a recognized certification or a credible FIP project.
  • We monitor the welfare of all workers across our supply chain parts through social certifications (SMETA, BSCI) and active cold checks and inspections.
  • The Future of Gourmet Meals

    Through a deep commitment to environmental and social change.


    Environmental &
    Social Responsibility

    GMO, Hormone &
    Antibiotic Free

    Quality &

    Responsibly Sourced Seafood

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    Passion Foods is dedicated to providing gourmet- quality seafood meals through responsibly-sourced suppliers, strict compliance and partnerships with local and international organizations.

    We are a part of the VASEP Sustainability Certification Advisory Council and a member of Sedex. Our Shrimp, octopus, fish and clams products are ASC, BAP.

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